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Parent & Youth Support

Care To Dream offers both in person and online support services, for both parents and youth.


Now if you are a youth, you might want to jump below as I am first going to talk to parents here. But there is a section for you further down this page.

Sue has years of experience working with youth in crisis and their parents. If you are a parent looking for support for yourself, then Care To Dream offers both small group and individual support through weekly sessions.

The small group sessions follow the PEP (Personally Empowered People) program. In these workshops you will learn some techniques for more effective communication with your children. You will also have the opportunity to interact in the online classroom with other parents with similar concerns. Topics discussed in these workshops include: how to build self-esteem in your children, how to get more respect, and how to avoid those power struggles that get in the way of enjoying your family homelife.

Care To Dream also offers individual support services for any parent who is dealing with a youth in crisis. These sessions will always begin with an initial assessment interview, then from that a plan for ongoing support sessions with either the parent, the youth, or both will be determined. These sessions may be either in person in the Ottawa area or online from anywhere in the world.

Sue offers a complimentary 20 minute consult either by phone or in the online classroom if you are seeking individual support for a youth in crisis or parenting concerns. Simply use the "contact us" button and send Sue an e-mail to request your complimentary session where you can ask your questions directly.

If you are unsure if there is a connect here for you, then you might start by reading Sue's article Crossing The Bridge To Adolescence

Recognized Expertise!

  • Sue has authored a short guide to parenting from knowledge she gained through many years of working with youth in crisis as well as parenting her own 4 children. In this short 23 page step-by-step guide of Parenting Tips, you will learn some very simple ways to bring harmony to your family life.

    To order Sue's book Parenting Tips click here

  • A testimonial:

    "... I have known Sue Stinson for over 10 years and since that time her continual support, encouraging advice, and camaraderie has helped me not only become a better and happier parent, but also a better and happier person. She has led by example and I have always looked up to Sue as someone who cares deeply for her family, her friends and her community. During these ever changing times when family connections are often strained, Sue has been my role model as a loving and caring parent as well as a wonderful and supportive friend ..." [Karen Martin]

  • Recently, Sue spent an hour online as a guest of Laurie Davis on the World Talk Radio show "Laurie On Line (LOL)", talking about parenting.

    Click here to hear the interview.

Support for Youth

If you are a youth looking for online support for depression, suicidal thoughts, relationship issues, parent separation, eating disorders, sexual abuse or simply wanting a safe, confidential place where you will be heard, then Care To Dream has workshops for you where you can connect online with other youth and a certified facilitator.

Sue spent several years working with youth in crisis at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario on the Adolescent Psychiatric Unit there. Sue also spent several years working with teens who had suffered sexual abuse and knows that there is hope to resolve these issues.

The online classroom is a closed, password required environment where what you say is confidential and will not be shared outside of the classroom with parents or anyone else, unless major safety concerns are present, such as suicidal thoughts.

Parental consent prior to attending workshops is required.