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Personally Empowered People Care To Dream

Care To Dream is a Canadian company with the vision of empowering others to "care to dream" of living a life of joy, happiness and inner peace!

At Care To Dream, we feature support for parents and youth.

PEP empowerment workshops to improve self-esteem, natural products, and other resources to support a happy, healthy lifestyle are available through Care To Dream

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Care To Dream is owned by Sue Stinson. Her experience as a nurse working with youth in crisis, as a participant in certification training to become a PEP facilitator, and as a parent of 4 children has given her insights into ways to empower others to find their own dreams. For a complimentary online workshop which you can attend, visit the calendar page or send Sue an e-mail to request a visit to an online class.

Sue Stinson, R.N., CEF