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Care To Dream

        is owned and operated by Sue Stinson, a Registered Nurse and Certified Empowerment Facilitator. Sue spent 20 years working with youth in crisis at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa, Canada. Sue worked on the Adolescent Psychiatric Unit as a staff nurse for many years and she also played a major role in opening the younger Children's (6 - 12 year olds) Psychiatric Unit. Sue also has experience working with adolescent survivors of sexual abuse in an outpatient setting.

Sue Stinson

Sue herself has experienced trauma and has first hand experience in the difficult process of fighting back through depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. Following a workplace assault and a long convalescence from a concussion, Sue met Laurie Davis, the author of the PEPTM program. Through PEP, Sue regained her own self-esteem and was able to dream again for herself and developed a vison of empowering others, in particular youth & their families, to care enough to live their own dreams. Sue is married and along with her husband, Mike, has raised 4 children who now range in age from 17 - 30.

If you have young children you might be interested in reading Sue's recent article, How To Get Your Children To Sleep In Their Own Bed. If you have adolescents then you might find her article Crossing The Bridge To Adolescence, helpful. If you are interested in other parenting tips, Sue does have Parenting Workshops available. If you are looking for a way to rebuild your own self-estem, then the PEP program is the best program going, and we invite you to check out one of the complimentary online sessions, listed on the calendar page, to experience the process yourself.

Testimonial: "Sue is passionate about putting all that she is and has experienced at the disposal of her clients. She is professional and focused, resourceful & non-judgmental. Having participated in a 20 week program facilitated by Sue I know you will feel valued and derive value from using her services. Having collaborated with her to deliver a variety of PL&D workshops I deem her a supplier of choice for youth & parenting workshops." Ann deCasseres, Joint Venture Broker, Lifestyle Coach

Sue also has a product called "21 Days to Happiness". This is a do-it-yourself workbook which takes you through 21 days of morning and evening exercises to access Joy, Happiness & Inner Peace. Sue was amazed at how this workbook made a difference for her and highly recommends this simple program to anyone looking to find happiness.

Testimonial: "My experience with the 21 Days to Happiness, Joy and Inner Peace was the most enjoyable 21 days I have lived in a long a time. Every day I was reminded to think of something specific: to slow down, to list what I was eating, to not be angry... whatever the exercise of the day was. At the end of the 21 days, I realized that happiness was not a gift bestowed on some lucky few and not an accident as a result of a series of events but a concious choice. After 21 days, I have become more mindful of everything just waiting to be appreciated and waiting to bring me happiness. And then things really began to happen..." PEP client

If you have connected with anything in this story, then we would love to help you care to dream.